Empowering Healing Journeys

Rooted in Mexican migrant heritage, Hermanas Wholistic Counseling was founded with a deep commitment to community service.

Maribel Robles brings over 15 years of experience in trauma work, specializing in teens, young adults, and migrant families. Her expertise lies in integrating emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual aspects to address individual needs fully.

Having served a diverse range of clients, including teens, young adults, and migrant families, Hermanas is dedicated to providing a culturally sensitive counseling experience that supports complete healing and well-being.


Community-Centered Approach

We prioritize community healing with a tailored approach to individual needs and indigenous practices.


Cultural Recognition

Drawing from ancestral wisdom, we honor cultural significance in every step of the healing journey.


Social Justice Focus

Our counseling approach is rooted in social justice, providing support and empowerment through healing and growth.

Our Vision

To foster a community where healing is accessible and embraced, honoring diverse cultural traditions and individual journeys.

Our Mission

Hermanas Wholistic Counseling is dedicated to providing comprehensive, culturally sensitive trauma counseling services for teens, young adults, and migrant families, integrating wholistic approaches to support complete healing and well-being.

Start Your Healing Journey Now

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